Bruce Hardy, Pastor of Administration and CFO of Cross Pointe Church, attended Glance Gwinnett in February 2019. This is his story of how the program inspired him, called him to make a move, and in turn, changed the life of a high school student.

I recently participated in the Glance Gwinnett program and had the opportunity to visit the Maxwell School of Technology.  This was a part of our 2.5-day experience; to get exposed to the incredible schools we have in Gwinnett County.  We were able to tour the school and then have lunch with staff members and meet several Student Ambassadors.

Each of the Ambassadors were invited to share their story about how they got accepted into the school, what their area of interest was, where they wanted to go to college, and what vocation they were choosing, based on their experiences at the Maxwell School.  One of the candidates was a young lady who was enrolled at Discovery High School and jointly attended the Maxwell School.  When she shared her story, she stated that she was applying to college, but finances were tight at home most days because she was being raised by a single mom.  One thing she said was, “one day I hope to have a car so I can get to my classes on time and complete my college education.  Most of the time I have to catch a ride with friends or walk.”

When she said that, I immediately remembered that a family had donated a car to our church, just two weeks earlier.  I immediately heard God say in my heart, “you have a car to provide for this student”.  After our visit to the school, I quietly spoke to the teacher in charge of our tour and gave her my business card.  I told her that we have a car at our church that we would like to donate to this student, but I wanted the teacher to reach out to her mother and discuss, make her aware of the opportunity, and let the mother determine if this was a good idea for them.

About a week later, I received an email from the teacher letting me know that she had met with the mom and that she would be contacting me soon.  The mother called me a day or so later and we made arrangements to meet at our church and present the car to her daughter.  When they came to pick up the car, we all shared tears, laughter, and joy.

I am thankful to Glance Gwinnett for the exposure, awareness, and opportunity to be a catalyst for experiences like this.

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