Ansley Jones

Membership Development Manager, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

As a previous Leadership Gwinnett intern and longtime Gwinnetian, Ansley’s November 2018 Graduation from Glance was a true “full circle” moment.

Q: What did you learn that surprised you the most?
"I had no idea how much effort went in to making Gwinnett great. The amount of work the CIDs do to keep our community clean and to reduce crime was eye-opening."

Q: What moved you personally about Glance?
A: "The homelessness issue in our community. The amount of kids on free and reduced lunch was alarming!"

Q: What has Glance inspired you to do?
A: "I volunteered a lot in college at a national level, it's always been important to me, but Glance inspired me to volunteer and help within my local community. There's such a need here and every little bit helps. I've been inspired to donate goods that aren't always front-of-mind when donating, like laundry detergent or a toaster for someone staying in an extended-stay motel. They have enough cans of green beans!"

Q: How has Glance affected your professional life?
A: "Now when I speak to clients, I have explanations for why Gwinnett is so great. I feel more equipped to answer questions about our community and I feel more knowledgeable about Gwinnett's biggest issues. I also have about 30 other friends I can reach out to and connect with that live or work in Gwinnett."