Glance Gwinnett

Gwinnett Leaders Acknowledging the Need for Community Engagement (GLANCE)

Glance Gwinnett is a 2.5 day program that provides a behind-the-scenes tour of Gwinnett County. Designed to inspire participants through hands-on learning, Glance Gwinnett reveals new opportunities, ideas and perspectives by providing exposure to a diverse group of local leaders. It’s a great way to learn more about what Gwinnett has to offer, expand networks personally and professionally, gain exposure for your organization, and truly engage with Gwinnett.  Glance Gwinnett is not just for new residents; you can be a lifelong Gwinnettian but we guarantee you’ll still find there are things you didn’t know!
Glance Gwinnett FAQs- Coming Soon!
Glance Gwinnett give you a sneak peak of what the 9-month Leadership Gwinnett experience is all about.

      Tour a segment of the county and examine its history, current standing and possibilities

      Meet and engage with 30-40 other Gwinnett leaders who are learning alongside you

      Interact with leaders in all facets of Gwinnett

      Gain a better understanding of the issues facing our community and ways in which you can make a difference

      Process what you’ve learned through hands-on activities

      Depart inspired to make an impact on your community through civic leadership


      Inspiration through a hands-on learning experience of Gwinnett’s past, present and potential future.

      Exposure to local leaders, issues and opportunities for community leadership.

      New friendships, new ideas and new perspectives from a diverse group of people within our community.


      Unique way to enhance operational training, as well as recognize and reward top talent.

      A personal, informational way to introduce new employees to all that Gwinnett has to offer.

      Valuable new relationships that can result in new opportunities and added visibility for your organization.


    Anyone with enthusiasm to learn more about Gwinnett and take a more active role as a citizen should participate in Glance Gwinnett. Participants range from newcomers to the community to long-time residents.

    Classes are typically comprised of a diverse group of leaders including: young professionals, managers, business owners, nonprofit directors, senior business executives, and retirees.


    Glance Gwinnett is open to everyone and registration continually available online. Seating is limited, so please register early for the dates that work best for you.