Leadership Gwinnett

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Leadership Gwinnett is a nine-month educational and networking experience designed to inform participants about the characteristics of a world-class community and learn the key issues relating to Gwinnett and the region. This award winning program was established in 1985 and seeks to educate, equip, and engage leaders to serve and strengthen Gwinnett County and the Region. Since its inception, nearly 1,100 leaders have graduated from the program, dedicating themselves to continue their own individual development as leaders as the strengthen and transform their community collectively.

Participants develop by expanding knowledge and skills, enhancing understanding of social and civic issues, leveraging connections for Gwinnett’s greater good, engaging in community service opportunities and developing even deeper connections to the community.

Leadership Gwinnett is a program for select individuals who desire to focus and commit to community impact by:

  Applying their desire and willingness to learn about Gwinnett to become an informed participant in addressing community issues.
  Employing their passion for meeting and collaborating with other high performance individuals.
  Actively engaging in building a vibrant community.

Through hands-on experiences, participants fully explore Gwinnett’s Infrastructure, Educational System, Economic Development, Health and Human Services, the Justice System, and Regional Relationships. Participants will see it all through the eyes of experience area leaders who deal everyday with our community’s biggest challenges. With the benefit of new perspectives and connections, participants are prepared to take their places as effective community leaders.


      Immersion in how Gwinnett actually runs will give you a broader and deeper perspective on the county and your role in the community.
      You will build a long-lasting network of civic-minded local leaders from both your classes and the hundreds of alumni once you complete the program. These relationships can grow and have an impact in your professional and personal life.
      You’ll discover issues you are passionate about by experiencing them firsthand. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the community leaders who deal in those issues daily.


    Participants meet fellow community leaders, establish connections, and expand their circle of influence that extends beyond their classmates as they complete the program and join the ranks of hundreds of alumni.

    Your company leaders establish relationships that will provide new opportunities to serve the community and deal firsthand with vital local issues. The program provides participants with opportunities to deepen individual connections and to build a strong foundation for a local network. Your company’s support of the program plays a critical role in developing community leadership.

    Time commitment: The program begins with a 2.5 day off-site retreat followed by one program day and study group session each month, ending with a 1.5 day off-site closing retreat. There are homework assignments between the program days, that include visiting off-site locations, reading assignments and group activities.


    The Leadership Gwinnett program is designed for experienced leaders who want to significantly increase their impact on their organization and their community. Ideal applicants will have undertaken leadership roles in the community and have a passion for making a difference. 

    This includes senior executives, presidents and vice presidents, executive directors, business owners, and high-level directors and managers, representing all industries and business types within our region.


    Click here to read Leadership Gwinnett FAQs.

    Leadership Gwinnett is a lifetime affiliation consisting of 1078 graduates, who are active community leaders. 40 classmates are selected annually and the selection embodies various sectors of Gwinnett: business, education, non-profit, and other representatives of diverse thought and life experiences.

    Nominations are accepted year round online at www.leadershipgwinnett.com and self nominations are welcome.  Applications for the Class of 2018 will be sent to all nominees the first week of January 2017.  All applications for the Class of 2018 will be due in March 2017.

    Tuition is $3,000 and limited scholarships are available upon written request via an application from info@leadershipgwinnett.com.