Lead Up – Episode 13
Chairwoman Alisa Toney
Leadership Gwinnett Foundation Board of Directors
Sr. Director of Development, PCOM

Join us for a candid conversation as we sit down with Alisa Toney, a pivotal figure in higher education advancement and community leadership. With over two decades of experience, Alisa currently serves as the Senior Director of Development at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). Our dialogue unravels her strategic initiatives and dedication to fostering relationships within PCOM and beyond.

As we delve deeper, we explore Alisa’s role as Chairwoman of the Leadership Gwinnett Foundation board, reflecting on her journey from Memphis, Tennessee, to becoming an influential figure in Gwinnett County. From academic achievements to active involvement in esteemed organizations like CASE and AFP, Alisa’s narrative resonates with inspiration and commitment. Join us as we uncover the layers of Alisa Toney’s leadership journey, rooted in dedication, impact, and community upliftment.





Lead Up was created to feature the incredible people leading Gwinnett County. Hosted by Leadership Gwinnett Marketing & Communications Director, Logan Serrano, this podcast gives listeners an inside look at initiatives, programs, and organizations that truly impact our community while showcasing the leaders behind them.