Leaders Advancing an Equitable Culture in Gwinnett

Leaders Advancing an Equitable Culture in Gwinnett

Supported by a CARES Act grant through Gwinnett County, Leadership Gwinnett is offering a free, 2-day workshop, open to the public, on the topic of racial equity and multi-cultural competence. In classic LG style, the 2-day, 6-hour workshop is designed to educate, equip and engage leaders.

  • Educate – participants will develop a shared understanding of equity and the circumstances that perpetuate inequity
  • Equip – participants will learn practical tools and strategies to apply at work, at home and in the community
  • Engage – participants will leave empowered to individually engage in advancing a culture of equity in Gwinnett County

You can help advance Leadership Gwinnett’s vision - a thriving community sustained by an inclusive network of empowered leaders. Building a thriving community takes time and requires thoughtful, intentional leadership. It also requires that we grapple with difficult issues, like equity, that currently face our community and country. 

Join us for this free virtual workshop that features self-reflection, interactive discussions, and the opportunity to identify personal action steps that lead to a more inclusive community – a community where everyone belongs and has the opportunity to thrive.

The workshops will be facilitated by The Partnership for Southern Equity.



    Leadership defines Gwinnett. It sets this county apart from all others. The driving force behind this defining and successful county asset is the well-respected Leadership Gwinnett program. In 1984, a group of existing leaders recognized Gwinnett was undergoing a significant transformation, transitioning from a rural and agricultural community to a more densely populated, culturally diverse suburban community. Supported by the Gwinnett Chamber, this group developed a curriculum, enlisted volunteers, engaged facilitators and selected its first class – the Class of 1986. Over the last thirty-five years, the nine-month Leadership Gwinnett program has played a meaningful role in the community, creating a pipeline for leaders to learn, convene and engage with each other – working towards the vision of sustaining a world-class community. Building on our learning’s and the success of this flagship program, we developed Glance Gwinnett, a condensed version of the program that gives participants a behind the scenes tour of Gwinnett County and inspires participants to be more civically engaged. Collectively, we have graduated almost 1500 participants from both the Leadership Gwinnett and Glance Gwinnett programs from every facet of the community, including business, nonprofit, local government, professional services, civic and neighborhood associations.



    Leadership Gwinnett Foundation’s mission is to educate, equip and engage diverse leaders and inspire civic involvement. To honor this mission, Leadership Gwinnett is requesting proposals from firms interested in providing diversity, inclusion and equity training to community leaders.

    This fall, we are launching Leaders Advancing an Equitable Culture in Gwinnett, a new learning initiative in partnership with Gwinnett County Government focused on fostering leadership, vision and action to advance change on critical equity-related issues in our community. This initiative will support Leadership Gwinnett’s long-term strategy of developing inclusive and thoughtful leaders.

    This professionally facilitated workshop will target 140 participants comprised of Leadership Gwinnett and Glance Gwinnett alumni, as well as emerging Gwinnett County community leaders.



    Consultant’s Role

    The consultant will plan, facilitate and evaluate a racial equity workshop. The workshop is the primary objective for this project. The focus is to educate leaders on challenges creating inequities and cultural insensitivities in our communities; equip them with the life skills and tools to aid in mitigating and remedying these identified existing inequities and insensitivities; and deploy them into the community to share learning, teach equity skills and drive on-the-ground action that leads to broader change.



    The selected firm will work with two co-project managers and an advisory committee to drive towards five deliverables:

    1. Participate on an advisory committee to address training goals, expectations and facilitation.
    2. Assist with development of pre-training materials, agenda and evaluation; provide workshop materials and presentations; and provide post-workshop follow-up materials.
    3. Customize (with program managers and advisory committee) and conduct equity training to ensure identified goals are met. Workshop format must: 1) accommodate a total of 140 participants; virtual or hybrid in-person/virtual programming (must have demonstrated experience in facilitating virtual programming); 70 people for two half day sessions, total of four (4) sessions – don’t have to be consecutive days; and adaptable to a Zoom platform.
    4. Provide post-workshop report summarizing workshop experience and achievement of identified goals.

    Provide guidance and recommendations on post-workshop activation and long-term organization strategy.



    Proposals must include the following information. Failure to include all of this information will result in disqualification from the review process.

    • Name and lead contact information for firm (and subcontractors if applicable).
    • Project understanding.
    • Project approach, including significant phases and deliverables (i.e., describe your facilitation process, including the duties you perform and those you expect to be done by Leadership Gwinnett staff, advisory committee or board, etc.).
    • Project work plan and timeline.
    • Project budget and terms.
    • Firm capabilities, including experience with similar organizations and racial equity workshop projects.
    • Project team, including biographies or resumes, detailing experience with similar organizations and similar projects.
    • Three (3) to four (4) references, specifically including contact information of three references from the past five years and project details.
    • Proposals should not exceed a total of four (4) pages (excluding cover and reference page, if included).

    Evaluation Criteria

    Proposal packages will be reviewed and weighted based on the following criteria:

    • Project understanding, issue area expertise and approach (30%)
    • Related experience and references (30%)
    • Knowledge of Gwinnett County and metro Atlanta (10%)
    • Project budget (20%)
    • Project work plan and timeline (10%)

    Submission Deadline and Schedule

    Proposals should be submitted to rfp.leadershipgwinnett@gmail.com no later than September 2, 2020 at 2 pm ESTIf you have questions prior to submission date, please send to rfp.leadershipgwinnett@gmail.com by midnight EST on August 24, 2020 (deadline extended to August 27 @ noon).

    • August 17 – Issue request for proposal
    • August 24 @ midnight – Deadline to receive questions from potential bidders (deadline extended to August 27 @ noon)
    • August 28 – Response to questions posted on website (www.leadershipgwinnett.com)
    • September 2 @ 2 pm – Proposals due
    • September 11 – Proposal evaluation process concludes
    • September 14 – Decision announced
    • September 15 – Project begins
    • December 30 – Project concludes

    Terms and Conditions

    Consultants or organizations submitting a proposal agree to the following terms and conditions:

    • Successful bidder will not release records or information related to Leadership Gwinnett unless an application for public information is submitted and approved by the Board of Directors.
    • Leadership Gwinnett reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received, to request clarification of any proposal, to request a face-to-face interview, to waive informalities or irregularities; and to select a service provider not based solely on the lowest cost.
    • Pricing included in your proposal must be valid for at least 60 days and may not be modified, withdrawn or canceled.
    • Leadership Gwinnett will not pay for any information requested herein, nor is it liable for any costs incurred by the participant in responding to this request.
    • Proposals submitted become the property of Leadership Gwinnett and will not be returned.
    • None of the information released either verbally or in writing shall be deemed binding to Leadership Gwinnett in any manner.
    • Proposals must be signed by a duly appointed officer or agent of your firm.

    Click here for a printable version.


    Q: Before submitting I’d like to confirm if Mental Health and Wellness is included in the proposals?

    A: Please review deliverables section of the RFP. Include activities in the proposal that you feel support achievement of these deliverables.

    Q: Is the due date next Wednesday Sept. 2nd?

    A: Yes, the deadline to submit a proposal is 9/2 @ 2pm EST via email (see RFP for more details)

    Q: Will Leadership Gwinnett be responsible for printing the workbooks or is this the responsibility of the vendor?

    A: Please build this expense into your budget.

    Q: Assessments will be necessary. Are you expecting assessments to be included in the proposal cost?

    A: Please include all activities related to this project in your budget.

    Q: Will there any points given Leadership Gwinnett, Glance Gwinnett Graduates, or Service Disabled Veterans?

    A: Please see evaluation section of the RFP to see how the advisory committee is scoring proposals.

    Q: Is pricing consistent with GSA pricing structure?

    A: Please submit pricing in your budget that supports project approach and proposed activities.

    Q: Is pricing on a per student basis or a block day rate with a certain student number cap?

    A: Please submit pricing that aligns with your proposed project approach and activities.

    Q: Have the questions been posted to the website yet? I looked on yesterday and could not find them.

    A: Q&A is located at the bottom of the webpage – https://www.leadershipgwinnett.com/equitable-culture/

    Q: Where can I find the “Responses to the Questions” posted on the website, can’t seem to locate the site on your website, please assist.

    A: We have not received questions until today (8/28/2020) so there are none posted yet. Your questions will be posted on the website along with any other questions received. https://www.leadershipgwinnett.com/rfp-equitable-culture/

    Q: Is there a RFP Template to complete?

    A: No – please submit a proposal (see RFP for more details)